B2B Travel Portal Development

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Tkies a market leading travel technology company in the travel industry supports worldwide approved B2B platform which was received as the best in the travel industry. We integrate with all the major number of airlines, hotel, car and cruise and travel services in the industry all over the world. The Tkies B2B empowers in connecting the customers and travel agencies to the travel solutions all over the world. Tkies ensures the access of tour operators, consolidators as well as travel agents to transfer their travel products efficiently to other business partners or sub agents through online B2B website portal. B2B Is a web based portal it can be accessed globally. No matter the sub agents are available or not the system works and allows other partner to make bookings from any corner of the world at any time. Tkies offers the best advanced online booking platform in the travel industry for all the travel agents and travel companies. Everyone can effectively utilize the benefits of B2B travel technology and can utilize the great advantages. The user friendly B2B travel portal software helps to access the operations of a travel business effectively.

Tkies B2B booking system strengths the business process of a travel company by giving total control of managing the operations through web browser like sub agents and their logins, editing credit/cash limit activating or deactivating users/agents/suppliers, monitoring bookings/amendments/cancellations, modifying make-ups agent suppliers or agents, checking outstanding payments and evaluating sales vs profits. At the same time, sub agents can easily make online bookings and cancellations, reviewing work productivity of its staff users, setting up own mark-ups, for end customer bookings, tracking sales and view invoices/payments/outstanding and much more.

Tkies B2B online booking engine works as a main source for all travel agencies all over the world to meet their requirements without any effort. We supports a web based travel portal. An excellent product for business operators and travel agents and other sub-agents to book flights, hotels, buses, cars and holiday packages. For any travel agent and agencies required to access booking from various branches and sales channel from one single place. The tkies has provided a wonderful leading platform for all travel agents for processing and managing bookings from any corner of the world by reducing the gap between agents and clients. By fulfilling the requirements of customers more easily under one roof.

Tkies B2B booking system is designed successfully to satisfy all the requirements of customer, here you can adjust markup and pricing policies, display hotel rooms availability in real time, manage credit limits and manage cancellation policies and fees. We integrated with leading 100+ suppliers for you to pick and choose for integration in your system. Which offers a number of choices with less cost and great efficiency. Tkies guarantee B2B platform helps in boosting the travel industry further more worldwide.